Our Story

Amsterdam City Farm started with the idea of bringing fresh, organic, Handcrafted products to people all around the world.


We, Devinder and Tim, the founders, have always been passionate about ginger beer, which in turn led us to start brewing it in our homes in Amsterdam.

In search of the perfect ginger beer, we crafted the recipe for a small try-out, and within no time, our ginger beer became very popular among friends and family. 

The popularity and feedback seeded the idea for us to start producing the ginger beer for local restaurants and cafes, in and around Amsterdam.

The idea behind the drinks produced by Amsterdam City Farm is to provide people with a delicious, organic and wholesome alternative to alcoholic drinks, to be had with good food, or as a refreshing alternative for a beer on the beautiful terraces of Amsterdam.

Freshness is something that people not only expect, but demand in most of the things they consume, therefore every bottle at Amsterdam City Farm is made to order, in small batches, in our micro-brewery. This means every bottle of ginger beer is crammed full of fresh, delicious and organic ingredients.

Make sure you give the bottle a gentle shake before opening, so all the goodness is blended once again and you can thereby enjoy it to the fullest.

We know how satisfying it is to enjoy a nice handcrafted ginger beer and this is why, at Amsterdam City Farm, we brew with only the finest, top quality, organic ingredients.

Be sure to also try our ginger beer in your cocktails or mocktails, or simply pair it with your favourite food.

This has been an exiting journey for us and we have a strong focus on serving the freshest of ginger beers to our customers.

Every single bottle is handcrafted locally in Amsterdam, with ingredients sourced as close to the micro-brewery as possible.

We hope you enjoy tasting our ginger beer, which you can order by sending us an e-mail or via our contact page.

We would love to hear from you!